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Intercom Systems Installation

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Alarm System Installation

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What about Wireless Security Cameras?

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Another major planning factor in any CCTV camera installation is cabling. Running cables from your camera to your viewing point can be a messy and time-consuming task.

With the ever-improving reliability of wireless camera systems, wiring may not be required. However, if you are planning to install wireless CCTV cameras, you still need to plan your installation beforehand.

The broad choice of wireless security camera systems will mean there will be system adequate for most installations. Every system has a limit though, and its range can be reduced by obstacles between the security camera and the control/receiver unit. The presence of walls does not eliminate the wireless option from consideration, but you will need to calculate what distances and what obstacles are in the path of the signal, otherwise you may not chose the right system.

Complications arise mainly when a buyer brings home a system that doesn’t fit their situation and then struggles to make it fit. If you determine your needs ahead of time and get competent advice, your CCTV installation should be manageable when using a professional CCTV installer.